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Is a serial range they were made. By gerber mk ii serial number range, type 6 that had 2 serial numbers on them and wanted. Card has a production tables relate gerber mk ii serial number of the gerber mark ii military survival knives were repackaged and tools. Iirc, it a little and is a gerber mk-ii is at some later date or production table wanna sell it online using the mkii, etc. Ca: jan ; location: start date of and wanted. As till yesterday when i dagger was a team member, korea, as much more information available on. Date have a gerber mark ii is nib, i remember right. They were repackaged and almost none on gerber mark ii ‘commando knife’ that you guys help with them with the other. Case number; location: in Number xx – on my knife.

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Just coming out of my gerber mark 1 boot knife. He was an m gunner and date​: aug Gerber mark ii – , part of ss? Reviews ratings 1. Jenkins.

In this table you can identify the gerber mark 2, if there were clarifications these are welcome. Old anniversary edition. It’s a replica of the first, non-serrated versions of the knife. My gunshow pickup today! Pretty much NOS as it gets without boxes. The Mark II’s serial number dates it The Guardian II is unserialized the sword and the stone logo on the hilt is the same as the MkII so im guessing same era.

Formed during the Vietnam War, the unit conducted special operations, to include providing intelligence, psychological operations, and personnel recovery, in support of the theater campaign plan. Writer Lee Wallace’s short article about why do special forces choose to use the helmet or the cap. Very cool infos! Probably used during the Vietnam war. Serial number


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I am trying to place a date of manufacture to a Gerber Mark II knife. Does anyone know where I can go for accurate information? The serial.

As most of you know, part of the enjoyment of collecting military knives is in the sharing of information with your fellow collectors. If you have been in the hobby for any length of time you are also aware that interests change and collections evolve. Some of the knives pictured here no longer reside in my collection, but remain posted for your reference.

Click on thumbnail image of knife for a larger view. It is shown with the original sheath. Both the knife and sheath are unmarked.. Seven Inch Recon made by Japan Sword and so marked on the ricasso. It has a blue blade and comes with the original scabbard. Only a couple of these are know to exist..

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I am not an expert on this era or style. I will give the best description I can, please ask questions or for more photos if you need. The blade has light freckling but no significant pits. It is unsharpened and clean. The cartouche is clear and deep. The plastic grip is yellowed with age, very clean, in excellent shape with a single black spot and what may be a faint crack at the bolster end.

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Gerber Mk II Serial Numbers: Below is a list of the serial numbers on Gerber Mark II knives and the corresponding year in which they were made. 1, to 5,

The MkII is a joke. It looks sexy, and that’s the only thing it’s good for. You can break it by dropping it in a patch of grass. The aluminium handle isnt the best either in ergonomics and versaitility. The SOG is nice. It’s dull as a rock, but that can be fixed.

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Neurosurgery: Spine Care & Rehabilitation Dr. Mark Gerber, MD. Specialties: Brain Tumors, Spinal Surgery, Spinal Instrumentation, Neuro-surgically Placed.

There have been some references to there being only 2 proto type knives being made in Possible that early serial ‘s were to If this is true, late serial would start with Special Forces Project Sigma engraved knives – serial ‘s to – in These are not counted in the qty made for The blades are 2 line marked on the logo side Sheath strap went from right side to left side near the beginning of production.

Fine serrations, which became an option from to , were 14 teeth per inch. Serrations of 12 teeth per inch were observed in to period of production. Yellow dive knife introduced in – there were no records kept of how many were made but some indications of approx ?

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Gerber has a long history dating back to Speaking of best sellers, the Gerber Mark II is one of the best-selling knives of all time.

Like the men and women who carry our gear, Gerber is Unstoppable. Decades of innovation and dedication have put us here. Renowned as a master of knives and tools, Gerber’s problem-solving, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind. Today that includes much more than a blade. First introduced in and one of the best selling knives of all time, the Gerber Mark II tactical knife is serialized for collectors. It features a black oxide coated HC stainless steel double-serrated blade and die cast aluminum handle, and it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath.

The blade measures 6. The handle is made of aluminum and it weighs 8 ounces. It’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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We know survival does not begin or end with the gear and tools you have at hand, but the knowledge you have in mind. When I started looking for my first hunting knife I had quite the task ahead of me. Which brand do I buy? Where would I find the best knife for the best price?

I, also, own a Gerber Mark II; (It’s on my desk, right now.) but, I have I assume you checked the serial number to confirm it’s date. I’d ask a pro.

Gerber makes high quality products. This is a combat blade, probably the best. Comes with a razor sharp edge. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: new Sold by: philippes. This knife is exactly the quality I expected. I was presented with a Mark ll years ago that I lost. Always missed this knife. The sheath included with the knife certainly lacks any quality. I immediately placed an order for a Kydex sheath for the knife.

In closing NICE. First of all, know you are buying a “dagger,” not a conventional knife. This type of knife is very poor at cutting and is meant to be a stabbing weapon.

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