The Optical Institute starts producing microscopes that are noted for their quality and precision. On May 13, Carl Kellner dies at the age of At this time, it was a small business with less than 20 employees and a small workshop. At the age of 15, Ernest Leitz left school to study mechanics. He then took internships at Swiss watch companies where he became familiar with the problems of serial production and distribution and learned management techniques. After the death of Friedrich Belthle, Ernst Leitz assumed the direction of the company, having added his name to the Optical Institute. Demonstrating great social awareness, Ernst Leitz instituted the 8-hour working shift and introduces health insurance for his employees.

Ernst Leitz GmbH

Featuring a black enamel horseshoe-shaped base and arm, this microscope also includes a reflecting mirror, eye piece, tube, stage with scale and brass clips. The stage moves up and down for focusing. The earlier Leitz trade catalogs give the date of establishment as but by the early twentieth century, Leitz publications reference the date as Telescopes were the main product of the early company, but in the s, microscopes became the principal product.

The German government stripped him of his professorship, but it was reinstated in Elsie Kuehn-Leitz, both Protestant Christians, arranged for hundreds of Jewish employees and their families to get out of Germany, thus escaping the Holocaust.

Microscope, “E. Leitz, Wetzlar”, no. , stand model GH, coarse and fine adjustement, double mirror, condenser, triple nosepiece, with “Leitz” XY.

Skip to main content. Utility Menu Search. Collections Menu. Ernst Leitz company. View All Objects. The earlier Leitz trade catalogues give the date of establishment as but by the early twentieth century, Leitz publications put the date at Telescopes were the main product of the early company, but in the s, microscopes became the principal product. In , Kellner died at age 29 of tuberculosis and his partner Friedrich Christian Belthle took over the workshop.

The company became known as the Optical Institute Kellner and Belthle. In , Belthle hired an engineer, Ernst Leitz , who became his partner a year later.

The Entrepreneur Ernst Leitz I

The present invention relates to a microscope support foot for receiving optical and electronic components of an illumination arrangement as well as a drive unit for the optical components. The support foot has a central portion, respective lateral portions integral therewith, carrying a hand rest, and a base plate covering the microscope support foot. German Offenlegungsschrift No.

In the interior of the foot, an optical system is additionally arranged, which directs a beam of light through a projection lens to a converging lens.

, Date: (or 89).” Metal with black enamel. Binocular eyepiece, attaches to camera. Camera is stainless steel and black leather (?) Lamp has​.

We can configure this to meet your exact needs. As is this comes with a binocular viewing head Each used microscope for sale includes a 1 Year mechanical warranty. We have thousands of used scopes and parts. Not all are photographed and documented yet. Please email us for a specific item if you do not see it.

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Microtome by W E Boeker Wetzlar dated (Incom. Microscopes. Leitz Leica M2 camera (body only), no. , with focal plane shutter, flash synch.

Carl Kellner , mechanic and self-taught mathematician, published his treatise Das orthoskopische Ocular, eine neu erfundene achromatische Linsencombination The orthoscopic ocular, a newly invented achromatic lens combination in , describing a new optical formula he had developed. The ocular was capable of rendering an image with the correct perspective, free of the distortions typical of other microscopes at that time.

Following his early death on 13 May , his widow continued the business he had left behind, the “Optisches Institut” optical institute. The fine mechanic Ernst Leitz I. He was trained as an instrument maker for physical and chemical apparatus and had several years’ experience making watches in Switzerland. Initially, Leitz was a part shareholder of the business in , but took over as sole owner in and continued it under his own name.

Leitz introduced serial production, raising sales volume rapidly after Consulting with his clients, he continued to refine the microscopes to their needs.

Used Leitz microscopes

It features the ‘aa’ Ahrens prism polarizer condenser and an Ahrens prism analyzer. The polarizer rotates through degrees, graduated in 5 degree increments. It has a brake for its rotation, and at its bottom end there is an iris diaphragm, the distance of which from the prism can be varied by sliding it up or down. The polarizer assembly can slide in and out of the optical path on a dovetail. It can be locked in the path with another brake.

The mirror objectives expand the application of microscopes into an additional spectral range; the objective Q / and the glycerin immersion Q Glyc /​.

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Ernst leitz produced polarizing microscopes and has its own seniors which are. Compound microscope ao reichert.

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My interest in antique microscopes, started when I had the chance of restoring a Leitz Ortholux instrument, destined for dumping after having been discarded by my Institute. It is not really antique, just vintage , but it revived my passion for microscopes and gave me the feeling of restoring an old instrument. It is now displayed in my office and perfectly functioning with all its original parts. Little later, I found a Leitz microscope dating on sale at a very reasonable price.

It was not in mint condition, but a closer look told me that it was probably possible to restore it. I bought it and spent a couple of months polishing and repairing it I was right, no major damages.

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Much of it was stored in the s when the Laboratory of Microbiology moved from its original building, and has rarely been disturbed since then. Some of the microscopes date from the late 19 th century, and even some of the 20 th century ones are more interesting than might be expected. The youngest of the companies represented in our microscope collection is probably the least well-known, especially outside the Netherlands. Founded by Dr Caroline E. Lili Bleeker and Gerard Willemse in , Nedoptifa rapidly became known for the high standard of their optical products.

They began with the production of binoculars for the Dutch army, but production was interrupted by WW2. The company cooperated with the Nobel prize-winner, Frits Zernike, in the development of phase contrast microscopy and held his patent on phase contrast microscopes. Bleeker retired at the end of , the company was eventually taken over by a Delft firm and then in the factory in Zeist was closed. Most of them have the standard circular stage, but a few are square.

We also have one of their very early binocular microscopes as well as monocular and binocular phase contrast microscopes.

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Please note the photos! The d This listing is for 1 of 2 Leitz Diaplan Microscope. This listing is for a Leitz Laborlux 11 Microscope No objectives included.

An antique microscope ages elegantly. Ernst Leitz of Germany and Parisian Camille Sebastien Nachet made quality microscopes that survive to this day;.

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Ernst Leitz (company)

Published by E. Leitz Inc. From: Katsumi-san Co. Cambridge, MA, U.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Ernst Leitz Optical Works rapidly became one of the Tronnier, based his painting on a photograph that bears the date “​New Year ”. Looking back to the first Leitz microscopes.

This page is linked from my Geological Microscopes website. Up to ten years or so ago, I knew very little about Leitz microscopes. Although they are widely used in academia, very few happened to be in the geology labs where I worked. They were not particularly good looking to my eyes, and with this prejudice I thought I would not like to actually own or use one, especially the older black enamel models.

What a mistake! In fact, Leitz microscopes are extremely well designed and constructed, including superior optics, and after you have one, you will regard it as a very satisfying and handsome instrument. There is no substitute for quality, and Leitz was at the peak. After owning and renovating more than 30 Leitz microscopes as part of my hobby, I know this for a fact. Information about Leitz microscopes is rather scattered and not always easy to find, so as more photos and links come my way, I will post them here.

Because of my background in geology, a lot of the ones I know are polarizing or petrographic versions, but all types will be included. A very fine article about black enamel Leitz scopes made between the late 30s and early 70s has been written by Gregor Overney and Normand Overney, and published in Micscape magazine March You should definitely give it a read. The descriptions, texts, documents, and images on these pages are for your information only, and they all have legal copyright protection.

You may not use, copy, or change any of files or images on these pages without specific permission from their owners.

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