INFJ Love: How INFJs Fall In Love

Dating as an INFJ can come with challenges. The thought of letting someone enter your inner world of safety and comfort zone can be terrifying, to say the least. As an INFJ, you are not okay just casually dating anyone. A potential partner has to meet your high standards, yet also have the ability to uncover your guarded heart. You want the one who you can trust wholeheartedly without settling with anyone but the best. While searching for the one, you may lose out on many great partners because you value your independence and alone time.

INFJ Weaknesses

Not many people struggle with the test of withdrawal because they naturally run in to like-minded people in their daily lives. Therefore MBTI isn’t test the general population sees as online? They bounce ideas and perceptions off those they meet and don’t have the “no one gets me” experience I have had all my life. I totally agree, it would be phenomenal to find a dating site that matches more specifically by type.

In fact, when INFJs find ‘the one’, their relationship will achieve a state So, here’s my advice to all you hopeless romantics out there – if you.

What do healthy INFJ relationships look like? I only ever dated two people. And what do you need to know about INFJ relationships? INFJs tend to take their time with many things. When doing research, for instance, they often take a comprehensive, big-picture approach and pour over all the resources before synthesizing the main findings. INFJ authors may spend decades mulling over their life stories before they ever sit down to write a memoir, according to Lauren Sapala.

INFJs need time to better understand themselves before they contribute to greater humanity too. Unlike extroverts who seek to impact the people around them before they try to understand themselves, INFJs start with a foundation of self-knowledge. Authenticity and personal integrity are big deals. INFJs expect a lot from the people they date and themselves.

While they, like many people, want to be attracted to their significant other, shared values, meaning, and purpose are especially important.

What is an INFJ in Love Like?

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Assuming you want this relationship to go well, one of the most we’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and other INFJ dating tips below!

This personality type tends to be well-known because it is the rarest of all the personalities. However, although the type is well-known, true INFJs can be hard to spot. Their characteristics mean that they are often confused for more extroverted types. They also are particularly adept at getting other people to open up, and therefore tend to spend less time overall revealing much about themselves.

This can make INFJs hard to get to know. If you find yourself dating this personality type, a little outside advice could make a huge difference.

Romantic Relationships

Having a good handle on what makes you tick can help you find compatible partners that will appreciate your natural tendencies. Insight into your own behavior can assist you in being the best partner possible and maintaining healthy relationships. Those with INFJ traits prefer to spend time alone than with others, make decisions based on ideas and gut feelings, and prefer to be scheduled versus go with the flow.

Individuals with these characteristics are naturally empathetic, are great listeners , and enjoy deep connections with others. Within relationships those with INFJ traits are caring, compassionate, and supportive. They want their partners to feel loved and encourage them to achieve their goals.

If you find yourself dating this personality type, a little outside advice could make a huge difference. Here are 10 things you should know if you are.

A former journalist and dating coach for low-value women who are desperate, needy, pathetic, neurotic, and just don’t care anymore, Laura Cone gets right to the heart of what you are doing wrong with her dating advice satire. Most INFJ girls are great at getting married, but need help when it comes to one-night stands. How to lure a man in once a year with your call of the wild as a wayward and wanton woman. So get ready to dumb down your vocabulary and learn to deal with the texture of sexy lingerie.

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Guide to INFJ Relationships

At least, not fully right away. They are sensitive and know that people have the ability to inflict a lot of damage. I mean very.

However, a healthy relationship with an INFJ personality type can be incredibly INFJs — do you have more tips about dating an INFJ?

By Elaine Schallock. INFJs are constantly evaluating their relationships, keeping at least one finger on the pulse of the relationship at all times. They really struggle with partners that either cannot or will not communicate. Conversely, they also need to be able to feel comfortable communicating with their partners.

INFJs are surprisingly verbal more so than any of the other introverts , and they need clearance to speak candidly about their perceptions, even at the risk of offending of their partners. This is why a lack of ego defensiveness in their partners is so important. Again, ego defensiveness is number one. An ego defensive partner can also induce ego defensiveness in the INFJ. When the relationship starts to go down that road it can be extremely destructive. INFJs tend to do very poorly with passive aggressive behavior, which can quickly lead to the erosion of respect and love in the relationship.

They are not like Fi types who can internally manage their feelings. Instead, INFJs actually do better when they keep their feelings out in the open where they can be appropriately managed and dealt with.

Infj dating

Generally, INFJs are energized by alone-time introverted , focus on ideas rather than facts iNtuitive , make decisions based on feelings and values Feelings , and are organized rather than spontaneous Judging. INFJS are introverts but amazing with people. We just need a long time to recharge after every outing or social meet. Social events drain us! We sometimes do hate the fact that we need so much time alone but, at the same time, also loving it.

When it comes to dating and relationships, INFJ individuals have their work cut out – as does a prospective partner of this Tips for Dating an INFJ Personality.

Personality typing is an interesting tool. With a handful of answers to a questionnaire-or a few hundred answers on a questionnaire-you can determine a set of attributes you possess, many of the things that motivate you, and what kinds of pitfalls you might be particularly prone to. There are countless personality quizzes in the world, many of them frivolous and designed to entertain “What Character from “Friends” Are You?

They developed the test based on Carl Jung’s notion of personality types, in order to more fully flesh out Jung’s ideas and apply his work to a broad audience. Jung believed that people all possess one of two personality dichotomies in four separate categories, and believed people’s motivations and behaviors could be outlined based on how each of these four traits interacted. That forms the basis of the Myers-Briggs typing system.

The typing system itself is comprised of four categories: world, information, decisions, and structure. Within those categories are two types: extroversion versus introversion, sensing versus intuition, thinking versus feeling, and judging versus perceiving. Each personality type is given a letter for each category to form a more complete picture of their personality, such as INFJ. This means that INFJ personality types garner energy from solitude, rely upon their intuition to learn and discover information, rely upon their feelings, and see things as having concrete answers and motivations.

INFJs are known for having fairly reliable “gut feelings,” and may be able to provide insight into the lives and motivations of others without having the evidence to back it up-but are often correct, anyway. INFJs may be able to act as chameleons in uncomfortable situations, and may mistype as other combinations for a time, if they are not closely listening to their preferences, instead of their behaviors. INFJs are unique not only because they are the rarest type, but because many people liken them to having a sixth sense, of sorts, because they often seem to leap intuitively to the correct answer, without having to know all of the facts beforehand.

Some analysts of the typing system believe that these leaps are not leaps at all, but that the INFJ personality processes certain types of information far more quickly than is typical.

What Do INFJs Want in a Relationship?

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An INFJ is a Myers-Briggs personality type whose letters make up a relationship, as both connection and intimacy are vital to an INFJ’s sense.

You already have a great start in the dating world. As you may or may not already know, Carl Jung developed the archetypes behind the modern Meyers-Briggs personality test from his experience in the field of psychology. Your introversion means that you relate to the world in a very inward-turning sense. You thrive when you have downtime to yourself. Using intuition, you navigate the world with a sharp and connected sense of things.

Rather than narrowing down options based purely on logic, as a thinking type would do, you tend to prefer feeling your way through situations and doing whatever seems right to you. The judging trait means you are often decisive and action-oriented. You might act with conviction where other personality types would hesitate. Though your emotional instincts are usually sharp and well-honed, when it comes to deep and meaningful relationships, those same instincts can sometimes steer you wrong.

Sometimes conflict in healthy relationships is necessary. The trick is to keep that conflict productive and helpful as opposed to destructive and combative. When you feel the urge to retreat into your head and nurse your wounds for example, after an argument or a perceived disagreement, even if it never even came to an exchange of harsh words , fight against that urge.

The urge to withdraw because something feels wrong is your bat-signal that communication needs to happen in this relationship.

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