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All rights reserved. Ancient reliefs rarely found outside of palaces depict a procession of Assyrian gods, including the main deity Assur and his consort Mullissu, standing on lions, dragons, and other animals. In the eighth century B. Now a team of Italian and Iraqi Kurdish archaeologists working in northern Iraq have uncovered ten stone reliefs that adorned a sophisticated canal system dug into bedrock. The surprising find of such beautifully crafted carvings—typically found only in royal palaces—sheds light on the impressive public works supported by a leader better known for his military prowess. With one exception, no such panels have been found in their original location since Archaeologists uncovered the stone reliefs while excavating an ancient canal in northern Iraq.

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An Iraqi team excavated the small site of Tell ed-Deim, where of repairs, almost certainly dating to the post- Assyrian period.

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Museum number Description Gypsum wall panel: this piece shows the Assyrian army attacking an enemy fortress. The fortress stands on a rise, perhaps an ancient mound. Inside the walls is a pulley with two ropes hanging from it. Though there is no visible link between the pulley and the bucket below, it is clear that the Assyrian soldier in the foreground has cut the rope with which someone inside the fortress has been trying to collect water from a source outside the walls.

This soldier must be the same as the one on the left of the panel, who holds a bucket in his left hand and lifts his right arm in a gesture of triumphant greeting towards someone, presumably an officer or the king himself, who appeared with the main Assyrian force on panels further to the left.

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) is devoted to the date and colophon of the text. The identification of Tell Ta’yinat with the ancient site of Ki/unalia, a city which was in its earliest.

A recent academic report entitled Inclusive Education for Religious Minorities: The Syriacs in Turkey evaluates how the country’s education system impacts a group of Christians not officially recognized by the authorities. With the curtains on most cultural events and performances worldwide drawn by the coronavirus, artists, curators, critics, and fans alike have had to radically reimagine how they produce, exhibit and support art.

Curators Akadina Yadegar and Nardin Sarkis have taken on this challenge by organizing the first virtual exhibition of contemporary Assyrian art, entitled ‘Diaspora in Bloom’. The Mongolian government on March 18 announced plans to restore the use of its traditional alphabet by , replacing the Cyrillic script adopted in the s under the Soviets in a move away from Russian influence. The Times of Australia reports that the Mongolian government will take transitional measures to prepare for the full restoration of the traditional alphabet.

Just four days prior, Shamiram received an official summons to report to Evin Prison. This summons occurred after the couple lost their appeal before the courts. For more than 2, years, giant human-made mounds of earth and stone, some as high as a six-story building, have stood in the southwestern suburbs of Jerusalem. Their purpose: unknown.

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Date: Spring From: Digest of Middle East There are over 2% Chaldeans, followed by the Syriacs and the Assyrians. (1) There are 5% Chaldean.

Lydia and Commagene. King Midas of Phrygia , fearful of Assyrian power, offered his hand in friendship. Elam was defeated and Babylonia and Chaldea reconquered. He made a new capital city named Dur Sharrukin. He was succeeded by his son Sennacherib who moved the capital to Nineveh and made the deported peoples work on improving Nineveh’s system of irrigation canals. Nineveh was transformed into the largest city in the world at the time.

Esarhaddon had Babylon rebuilt, he imposed a vassal treaty inc his Persian, Median and Parthian subjects, and assyrian once more defeated the Scythes and Cimmerians. Esarhaddon declared shed “king of Egypt, Libya, and Kush “. He installed native Egyptian light throughout the land to rule on his behalf. The Assyrian Empire was severely crippled following the death of Ashurbanipal in BC, the nation and its empire descending into a prolonged assyrian brutal ancient of civil wars involving three site kings, Ashur-etil-ilani , Sin-shumu-lishir and Sin-shar-ishkun.

Egypt’s 26th Dynasty , which had been installed by the Assyrians as vassals, quietly detached itself from Assyria, although it was careful to retain friendly relations. The Scythians and Cimmerians took advantage of the bitter fighting among the Assyrians to raid Assyrian colonies, with hordes of horse-borne marauders ravaging parts of Asia Minor assyrian the Caucasus , where the vassal kings of Urartu and Lydia shed their Assyrian overlord for help dating vain.

Assyrian also raided the Levant , Israel and Judah where Ashkelon was sacked by the Scythians and all the way site Egypt whose coasts were ravaged and looted with impunity. The Iranic peoples the Medes , Persians and Parthians , aided by the previous Assyrian destruction of the hitherto dominant Elamites of Ancient Iran , also took advantage of the upheavals in Assyria to coalesce into a powerful Median-dominated force which destroyed the pre-Iranic kingdom of Mannea and absorbed the remnants of the pre-Iranic Elamites of southern[Iran, and the equally pre-Iranic Gutians , Manneans and Kassites of the Assyrian Mountains and the Caspian Sea.

3,000-year-old Assyrian stamp unearthed in southeastern Turkey

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Ancient Assyrian stone tablets represent the oldest known reports of auroras, dating to more than 2, years ago. The descriptions, written in cuneiform, were found on three stone tablets, dating from B. They predate other known historical references to auroras by about a century, researchers reported in a new study. Auroras are dazzling light shows that take place when waves of charged particles from the sun collide with Earth’s magnetic field.

Earth was likely visited by an immense solar storm around the seventh century B. Ancient skygazing accounts, such as the ones on these Assyrian tablets, help scientists to piece together a more complete picture of Earth’s cosmic tango with its solar partner. Because telescope observations have been around for a mere years, they provide “only a very small snapshot at best” of how our sun behaves, said lead study author Hisashi Hayakawa, an astrophysicist at Osaka University in Japan and a visiting researcher at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, another team of researchers found that a massive solar storm, about 10 times stronger than any in modern history, swept over Earth around 2, years ago. Fingerprints of this storm’s intense geomagnetic bombardment were left behind as radioactive atoms trapped in Greenland’s ice, Live Science previously reported. The authors of the new study wondered if Assyrian astrologists from that period might have recorded anything unusual that could be linked to the solar storm.

The researchers investigated reports on cuneiform tablets in the collection of the British Museum; most of the reports described planetary and lunar activity. But three records noted phenomena that were likely candidates for auroras: “red glow,” “red cloud” and “red sky,” according to the study. Indeed, red is a color typically found in low-altitude auroras and in auroras produced by low-energy electrons, the researchers reported.

The Chaldean Assyrian Syriac people of Iraq: an ethnic identity problem

For convenience, however, the term is used throughout this section. In Assyria, inscriptions were composed in Akkadian from the beginning. Ideas of the population of Assyria in the 3rd millennium are necessarily very imprecise.

Assyrian people. Estimated Valuation. Traffic Report. Lydia and Commagene. King Midas of Phrygia, fearful of Assyrian power, offered his hand in friendship.

While they were able to establish the city dated back as early as to B. That is until last summer. While digging in a site that was once a palace, they unearthed 92 cuneiform tablets hidden in a piece of pottery that revealed where, exactly, they were working: the lost city of Mardaman. According to a press release , the city was once an important commercial hub that’s been cited in many writings. Over the course of its 1,year history, Mardaman was captured, destroyed and rebuilt several times.

Notably, during that time span, its position on trading routes between Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Syria made it a desirable slice of geography. It served for a time as a capital of a Mesopotamian province and at one point was its own independent kingdom. The crumbling tablets were deciphered by Betina Faist of the University of Heidelberg, who is a specialist of the Assyrian language. Using photographs of the texts, she found that they date from the Middle Assyrian Empire and reveal that Mardaman was the administrative seat of a previously unknown Assyrian province.

The texts appear to be documents from a governor of the province named Assur-nasir, and they describe some of his daily activities. The find adds a coda to the long story of Mardaman. By the time it appears in the historical record around B. Between and B. After that, Mardaman regained its independence and became a prosperous independent kingdom again.

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In Iraq today, there are people who are called by different names, such as Chaldeans, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldo-Assyrians, etc. They all speak the same language, the Syriac language A modern dialect of Aramaic. There are heated debates and doubts about the actual identity of these people. Some writers think that these are all one group of people; others suppose that they are multiple groups of people with different identities, such as the Chaldeans, the Assyrians, and the Syriacs.

Some of these groups claim that their current names are the only genuine names; that all other names or identities are a “distraction” of theirs. As such, they discard other names or identities. In the Kurdish regional government, three of its ministers are from these groups, along with two of its ministers, who are in the central Iraqi government.

In this paper, I will attempt to trace the roots of these groups, explicate their relationships, present their various arguments, and propose my own opinion and conclusion on the issue.

Assyrian Tablets Contain Earliest Written Record of Aurora’s Sky Glow

Almost tombs have been found, shedding new light on cremation practice. The first studies, including radiocarbon dating, show its long-time use, from the beginning of the Iron Age to the 8th century bc. The cemetery proper is located on the northern outskirts of the tell. Its existence was revealed in September by the find chance of a complete jar containing human burnt bones.

Between and , almost structures were excavated then studied in Aleppo Museum 1. According to Stefania Mazzoni 7 , it is one of the most striking features introduced at the beginning of the Iron Age.

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The Eponym dating system was a calendar system for Assyria , for a period of over one thousand years. Every year was associated with the name, an eponym , of the Limmu , the individual holding office. The dating system is thought to have originated in the ancient city of Assur , and remained the official dating system in Assyria until the end of the Assyrian Empire in the seventh century BC. The names of the Limmu who became eponyms were originally chosen by lot sortition , until the first millennium it became a fixed rotation of officers headed by the king who constituted the limmu.

The earliest known attestations of a year eponyms are at Karum-Kanesh , and became used in other Assyrian colonies in Anatolia. Its spread was due to Shamshi-Adad I ‘s unification of northern Mesopotamia. With the establishment of eponym lists, succinct statements about events were sometimes added in order to keep track of the sequence. The limmu lists themselves run from through to BC, and are dated with the aid of the Canon of Ptolemaeus , which coincides with dates from the Canon between and BC.

Other events can be dated from this establishment of fact, such as the taking of the Egyptian city of Thebes by the Assyrians in BC, and to be able to determine the date of the minting of ancient coins.

Ancient Warfare : Assyrian Empire and Macedonian Army FULL DOCUMENTARIES